Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

This week, we are expecting another test version of Minecraft from the Mojang team. Hurry up and download it to update the Observer Mode, which includes experimental enhancements. Additionally, you will find innovations in Touch Control. Numerous errors have been fixed, and the gameplay has been optimized.

Observer Mode Updates:

Observer Mode is now available without experimental access, with all its features intact. Key points include:

• Switching between settings or using /gamemode spectator.
• Menu items become smaller once the feature is enabled.
• Items no longer disappear from the inventory.

Players in Observer Mode have the following abilities:
Pass through all obstacles.
Gain immunity to damage.
Complete invisibility to other players.
Unable to use items.
Allowed to skip the night without sleeping.
Only the player’s head is visible, not the character model.
Creatures do not spawn near the Observer.
Chunks will generate if no one has appeared in that area before.
Certain commands are still active.
What’s New in Touch Control:

Currently, there are five new additions. The main features are:

• Inventory stack splitting is now available.
• Added delayed breaking of the first block in Creative Mode.
• Smooth scrolling of windows and inventory.
• New feature: Separate control.

Fixed Errors:

This test version addresses 33 errors in the block world. Some of them include:

• Fixed a crash that occurred when moving through dirt blocks.
• Fixed projectile shaking in Mud.
• Improved mob movement through mud blocks.
• Adjusted sugar cane breaking when water is removed.
• Glowing blocks now display when held by the player.
• Eliminated block flickering when pressing a piston.
• Mobs with effects no longer pass on effects to offspring.
• Smoothed piston movement.
• Fixed teleportation issues after entering a portal.
• Restored “black” areas on the map upon revisiting locations.
• Fixed bat behavior during sleep.
• Enchanted items no longer disappear when going through portals to other dimensions.
• Bubbles now form above magma blocks in ponds.
• Improved textures of the night sky with ray tracing.
• Fixed functional equipment after crafting.
• Dropping renamed items now works again.
• Minecraft effects are once again present on tamed animals.
• Increased Enderman’s pursuit radius to 64 blocks.
• Added a new type of quick access panel for a new control element.
• Improved screen refresh rate when double-clicking.
• Use the /enchant command to obtain desired enchantment levels.
• Added a new message when exiting the world creation screen.

Technical Updates:

Fifteen new updates have been implemented to optimize the gameplay process, and documentation templates have been added for mod creators.

Don’t forget to make backups of your worlds before downloading the Minecraft test version.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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