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Mummy Boss addon

The impressive Mummy Boss addon allows Minecraft PE players to find a tomb where a special item for summoning and battling the mummy boss can be located.

  • Features:

The desert temple in Minecraft Bedrock now has the potential to hold an item for summoning the mummy boss, whom players can fight to obtain his crown, allowing them to summon and control mummies. Defeating the boss may not be easy, as he possesses a range of special abilities for controlling enemies and will continuously summon mummies to attack.

  • Battle process with the mummy boss:

After finding the summoning item in the desert temple, players can summon the boss into their Minecraft Bedrock world and begin the battle. They need to hold the artifact in their hands and tap the screen to spawn the mummy creature when ready to fight.

  • Boss abilities:

The mummy boss has two main skills: summoning mummies and blinding the player from close range. The mummies he summons will simply protect the boss and attack the player, who may become blinded if they are too inattentive and careless during the fight.

  • Victory over the boss:

After defeating the mummy boss, interact with his defeated body to obtain the reward items – the boss’s head and the mummy crown. To use the crown’s abilities, which can summon controlled mummies, hold it in your hands and tap the screen.

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