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Minecraft PE [Release]

Technical fixes, content innovations, and creative experiments – download the full version of Minecraft PE on Android. Explore the full potential of new features that were previously in the testing stage.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20.80:

The build presented by the developers noticeably reduces the number of crashes and critical errors, stabilizes FPS in demanding scenes, and puts less strain on smartphones and tablets.

Changes to the “Workshop”: the section for testing and developing modifications now supports new chat commands and scripts, and also allows the use of special templates that will save time for many experimenters.

  • Armored Rhino:

A neutral mob inhabiting warm biomes (in 90% of cases – in the Savannah), loves to feast on Spider Eyes, and also completely imitates the behavior of a real animal. That is:

It curls up when it senses danger (for example, when players or NPCs, undead, or monsters are nearby);
Unfolds when the threat has passed and there are no potential enemies nearby for three seconds;
The stage of adulthood in Rhinos is accompanied by “shedding” a special Shield, which is used in equipment crafting.
An alternative way to obtain such a valuable resource is to use an archaeological Brush on the mob, which literally removes the protective layer of such an unusual inhabitant of the Savannah.

  • Rhino’s Shield:

Obtained from the Rhino (with a Brush or after reaching adulthood) and used during the crafting of Wolf Armor, which protects tamed pets from physical damage. External recipes for using the item in the sandbox have not yet appeared.

  • Wolf Armor:

Special equipment for tamed pets:

  • The armor is put on Wolves by interacting, and is removed with Shears (without losing parameters or durability charges);
  • The level of protection is equal to Diamond Armor, which in Minecraft is used to protect Horses;
  • Only the owner can affect the appearance and characteristics of Wolves – it is impossible to equip a random animal.

  • Wolves:

The rules for generating mobs have changed: the developers have introduced 8 new types of possible pets, which change their appearance depending on their habitat and habits:

  • Forest Wolf – inhabits Forests (mostly warm ones);
  • Ashen Wolf appears in the snowy Taiga;
  • Striped Wolves live in the middle of wooded Wastelands and are constantly in a large pack (up to 8 mobs);
  • Pale Wolves are found in the Taiga and gather in packs of 4 mobs;
  • Black Wolves are found in the Pine Taiga, Chestnut Wolves – in the Spruce;
  • Rusty Wolves are a real rarity, which can be found only in certain types of Jungles;
  • Snow Wolves hunt sheep and cows in the Meadows;
  • Spotted Wolves, along with Rhinos, inhabit the Savannah Plateau.

  • Mace:

Effective melee weapon. The mace deals damage in several ways – both during a fall from a height (the player does not receive damage, hits an area and pushes back enemies), and with rapid attacks, like the familiar sword.


  • The mace is repaired at the Anvil using Rods obtained from Breeze;
  • The weapon’s capabilities are easily supplemented by the Wind Charge, which can toss the character up into the air and help with airborne damage.

  • Breeze Rod:

A rare trophy that drops with a small probability after the death of the Breeze. Used during the repair of the Mace, and also – for crafting Wind Charges, which simplify dealing area damage.

  • Heavy Core:

A consumable item used in crafting the Mace (the weapon becomes available after crossbreeding with the Breeze Rod). The core does not drop from enemies, but is stored in the Trial Room in a chest with rewards.

Experimental Mode:

Among the features still being tested, Mojang specialists have highlighted 3 points:

  • Armor decoration. New templates now appear in the Storage in the Trial Rooms. And the appeared accessories, as in previous versions of the sandbox, are copied if there are enough resources (for example, for “Bolt” you will need Waxed Copper and Copper Block, and for “Flow” – Breeze Rod).
  • Clay fragments. Generated on top of Patterned Vases, available in 3 variations only in the Trial Rooms.
  • Flag patterns. Unusual variations of decorations are obtained from the Storage after defeating enemies in a thematic event.

Minecraft PE [Release]

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