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Minecraft PE Mods

I suppose every player gets tired of surviving in the standard Minecraft Pocket Edition over time. What to do? Searching for another game? Don`t rush to do this, because in this case special fashions for Minecraft can be assistant for you. What stands for mode (modification)? Such add-ons can completely change the gaming process (gameplay) of the Minecraft Pocket Edition, for example by adding a bunch of new blocks and items, each of which is useful for some new recipe.

Thanks to the huge community of Minecraft PE, new modes appear every single day, among which you will definitely find exactly what you need. Each version has its own addon (complement), so carefully look at which version you download the mode.

At our portal you can easily and quickly find the necessary Minecraft modes. Setting the modes is amazingly simple, it can be addon . mcpack/. mcaddon, which simply needs to be run and Minecraft Mobile Version will setup by itself. But it can also be a mode for BlockLauncher, which is also easy to install.

The content on our portal is distinguished by its high quality and wide variety. Be calm for your Android, IOS or Windows 10 device, because every file is checked before publication!

The Mimic Addon 0

The Mimic Addon

The Mimic Addon will add new very specific creatures. Imagine you will go to Cave for some ores. You find a chest, try to open it. But if you come closer chest will open...

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