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FNF addon 0

FNF addon 1.20+

To enjoy your favorite characters from another game, simply download the FNF addon for Minecraft PE on Android. This addon introduces new creatures to your favorite game, enhancing your gameplay experience significantly. The FNF...

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X-Men Addon 0

X-Men Addon

The X-Men Addon is a massive modification that adds an impressive collection of heroes from the <X-Men> universe of comics and Hollywood blockbusters to Minecraft. Wolverine, Quicksilver, Beast, and even Deadpool – these new...

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If you’re looking for an extensive collection of add-ons in Minecraft Pocket Edition, check out our website. We offer the largest archive of modifications in the “Mods-for-MCPE” section.
With the help of the new additions you can completely transform the mobile version to your game.