Minecraft [Beta version]

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Minecraft [Beta version]

New effects and long-awaited technical fixes – download the test version of Minecraft on Android. For a while, become a true pioneer.

  • What’s new in Minecraft

As in previous builds, some of the innovations are aimed at combating technical problems and crashes. And the result of the work done is already noticeable – the FPS has increased, and the system requirements for some smartphones and tablets have decreased.

Unusual chat commands and scripts have appeared in the “Workshop”. Now developers of unofficial content have many more tools at their disposal.

  • Changes and Fixes:
    The test update contains more than 25 changes:


  • The “Infection” effect impacts monsters, spawning Combat Carriers with a 15% probability after the carrier’s demise.
  • The ominous trial spawner has a 60% chance of targeting adventurers with its projectiles instead of nearby monsters.
  • The new “Weaver” effect increases Cobweb generation and significantly slows nearby entities.
  • Developers have added new ambient sounds to various locations, including caves and grottos.
  • The “Ominous Omen” effect from the Ominous Potion no longer emits hardly noticeable particles or unusual sounds.
  • Trial rooms have been revamped with new decorations for traps and intersections, along with renamed blocks and exclusive Dispenser designs.
  • Breezes are now more accurate with their projectiles and aim slightly higher.
  • The Trial Spawner now uses a different formula for spawning projectiles and spreads visual effects more actively.
  • The user interface now includes an icon displaying the number of days survived.
  • Explosive potions now have the same duration as other alchemical consumables.
  • Mobs are now less likely to panic when taking damage they’re familiar with.

Bug Fixes:

Mojang specialists have announced a list of 16 new features, including:

  • The Treasure Map, which shows the locations of the Trial Rooms, has been renamed.
  • Plates are now categorized for chat commands and in “Creative” mode.
  • Patterned vases made from Clay Skulls no longer sink into textures and are correctly displayed in all locations.
  • Copper hatches change color over time and oxidize naturally.
  • Crafting recipes for some items are available again, including those made from Copper.
  • Almost all types of Flowers are now available in every Forest without exception.
  • After dying in Hardcore mode, the ability to fly through blocks and move freely around the map is not disabled after rejoining the server.
  • The “Weaver” effect slows down movement by 50% of the standard speed for players, NPCs, and animals.
  • The Torch icon is again in the correct position in inventory cells.
  • The Grindstone is once again crafted only from Stone Slabs.
  • The cost of enchanting a Trident has been balanced, with the enchantment format for “Firebrand,” “Sky Punishment,” “Arthropod’s Bane,” and “Unbreaking” now calculated differently.
    Rewards after accessing the Storage are issued correctly and no longer sink through textures.
    Destroyed portals on mobile platforms no longer have the ability to change players’ locations.
    Using the Wind Charge and landing on a Slime Block or Loose Snow no longer deals damage.

Minecraft [Beta version]

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