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Minecraft 1.19 for Android “Wild Update” is the version announced at Minecraft Live 2021. The update will add the Watchman, Dark Depths, Eli and rework biomes.

New biomes

Improve biomes and add variety. There will be more variations of standard biomes in Minecraft.

Birch forest

New forest biome. So far there is no additional information. The developers showed the concept art.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Dark Depths

New underground biome. So far known:

  • Generated between levels Y=-1 and Y=-64
  • Place of generation of Skalk blocks
  • Here comes the Dark City

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Dark City

Structure in the Dark Depths. It is an abandoned city. More:

  • Extremely dark place
  • Reminds me of Hell’s Fortress
  • Watchman will spawn
  • Composed of Basalt and Deep Shale
  • Generates Soul Fire, Soul Sand, Soul Lantern, Candles
  • Chests with useful things appear

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Mangrove Swamp

Swamp biome variant. Peculiarities:

  • Growing mangrove trees
  • The surface is mud.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

New blocks

Add Scalk Blocks, Mangrove Blocks and Dirt. Description below.


  • Mud and Mud Brick

Basis of Mangrove biomes. Properties:

  • Crafted from a Block of Earth and a Flask of Water
  • Transforms into Clay when placed over a drip block with a growing drip
  • Used to craft Mud Bricks
  • Mud Brick is crafted with Mud, Sand and Wheat

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Mangrove Blocks

Mangrove blocks. Kinds:

  • Mangrove wood
  • Mangrove base
  • Used to craft Mangrove Planks
  • Mangrove leaves
  • Part of the Mangrove
  • Decoration
  • Mangrove seedling
  • Grows into a Mangrove
  • Grows under the leaves
  • Can be placed in water and on land
  • Mangrove roots
  • Decoration
  • Mangrove planks
  • Building block
  • Crafted from Mangrove Wood
  • Applied like other boards

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Sculk blocks

Generated in the Dark Depths. They have animations and drop experience when destroyed. Main:

  • Sculk
  •  Used in schemes from Redstone
  •  Appears when mobs die near the Sculk Catalyst
  • Sculk Catalyst
  • Spawns Scuk blocks and particles when mobs die around
  • Used in schemes from Redstone
  • Glows
  • Sculk-vein
  •  Layered like snow
  •  Installed in any direction
  •  Used in schemes from Redstone
  • Sculk Screamer
  •  Makes creepy sounds
  •  Activated by sculk sensor
  •  nflicts a Shadow effect on activation
  • Spawn Watchman when turned on multiple times
  • Experience does not drop
  • Emits rings when activated
  • Frame block
  • Generates an open frame in the Dark Depths
  • Possibly composed of Deep Shale
  • Application unknown

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Frog Caviar

Tadpoles emerge from it. Cannot be obtained in survival mode yet.

  • Appears when two Frogs breed
  • Hatch from 2 to 6 Tadpoles
  • Placed on top of a water source
  • Nothing drops when destroyed.


New mobs

There are 5 new mobs known. Provided a description of each.



Looks like a minotaur. Reacts to sounds and feels your fear. To survive, you have to sneak.

  • Spawns in the Dark Depths biome
  • Sees nothing
  • Oriented to sound
  • Attacks all mobs
  • The growths on the head pick up vibrations and begin to move and glow.
  • Reacts to Snowballs, Arrows and Eggs
  • Detects invisible players
  • If attracted attention for a long time, will only follow the player
  • Heavy Damage: up to 30 per hit
  • Speed ​​like a player
  • Has a luminous core on the chest
  • Brightness depends on environment
  • Makes a quiet sound
  • The frequency of sounds accelerates when the Watchman notices the player
  • Has from 84 health units
  • Height: about 3.5 blocks

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android


New swamp mob. Peculiarities:

  • Spawns in Swamps
  • Jumps high, walks on land and croaks
  • Lured and propagated by Sea Grass
  • Spawns’ eggs after breeding
  • Tadpoles hatch from eggs
  • There are three types: white, green and brown
  • Eats small slugs
  • At the same time, slime falls out

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android


Newborn Frog. Specifications:

  • Hatch in any biome from Frogspawn
  • Doesn’t occur naturally
  • Health: 3 hearts
  • Lives in water
  • Twitching on land like a fish and dying after a few seconds
  • Grows into a frog
  • Species depends on the biome
  • Can be caught in the Bucket

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android


Tiny insect. Nothing is known about the interaction with the mob.

  • First 2D mob
  • Eating frogs

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android


Minecraft Live Mob Vote Winner 2021 Features:

  • Looks for dropped items of the same type and picks up
  • Collected items stack
  • Dancing when the Music Block or Player is turned on
  • Throws things away

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

New Items

There is little information about new items. The famous ones are listed.


Boat with a chest

Variant of the Boat with a Chest. Convenient transport for travel. Shown at Minecon Live 2019.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android


New lighting fixture. Details:

  • Requires Experimental Mode
  • Three colors: green, yellow, purple
  • Drops only if the Frog eats a small Lava Cube
  • Maximum brightness level – 15
  • The color depends on the color of the Frog
  •  Tropical Frog – Purple Light
  •  Marsh Frog – Yellow Light
  •   Snow Frog – Green Light

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Dark Effect

Cast by Skulk Screamer. Peculiarities:

  • Darkens the camera and limits the view
  • Initially spawned when the Watchman approaches

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android


Postponed for an unknown period. Perhaps the features will appear in version 1.20, but there is no official information about this.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

Minecraft PE 1.19 for Android

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