Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

This is a test version of Minecraft PE for Android phones, which will include features from version 1.21. To make these features work, you need to enable all experimental gameplay processes.

  • Mace:

New weapon in MCPE – the Mace! This is a new weapon that will deal damage to mobs based on the weight of the mace. Just jump and hit the mob to damage it. The higher the jump, the more damage you will deal. And all nearby mobs will be knocked back. So feel free to use the mace along with the gust charge.

You can repair the mace using the gust rod at the smithing table.

In addition to the sandbox additions, there are also significant official innovations – some are directly related to equipment, while others aim to combat crashes and technical glitches.

Mace: A melee weapon resembling a hammer with rough edges and a wooden handle:

  • The mace introduces a new attack in Minecraft – immediately after landing;
  • The unique strike does not damage the weapon owner, pushes away opponents, and stacks mobs (in a small area);
  • The higher the jump height, the more damage enemies will take;
  • The mace is repaired using the Gust Rod at the Smithing Table and fully replenishes durability charges;
  • Thanks to the Wind Charge, adventurers have a chance to soar into the air and then crash down on opponents from a height.

Gust Rod: A consumable item that drops from the fearless defender of the Trial Chamber. Used during the crafting of Wind Charges and equipment repair.

Heavy Core: A trophy that occasionally appears inside the Storage (a key is required). Crossing the Heavy Core with the Rod in the inventory will create the Mace.

Changes and Fixes: Among the significant innovations, developers highlight additional tips for beginners that appear immediately after world generation, as well as an expanded drawing distance on Microsoft consoles (up to 36 blocks).

Additionally, the developers have increased the durability of Wolf Armor (Warden’s laser attacks now deal much less damage) and changed the base set of sounds.

Experimental Mode: Developers have introduced a list of 21 tested innovations:

Armor Decoration: The sandbox has added a couple of new patterns – “Flow” is transferred to armor using the Gust Rod, and “Bolt” thanks to Copper Blocks (including the Waxed variation).

Clay Fragments: Shards of Patterned Vases appear in the Trial Chambers in 3 different forms and are used during crafting.

Flag Pattern: New accessories are hidden in the Storage and are presented under the names “Flow” and “Breeze”;

Storage: Generated underground, it holds much more rare items and no longer contains the annoying Horse Saddle and Armor;

Breeze: Drops a couple of Rods on the ground upon death. The mob also moves more actively through rooms and does not suffocate underwater.

Trial Chambers:

Filled with new spawners, forcing you to carefully choose a strategy and plan attacks in advance.

Version Parity:

Developers have transferred the damage blocking system from attacks of some mobs (e.g., Ancient Guardian) from Bedrock to Java. Now the Shield further increases survival chances in battle.

Fixes: The patch includes over 15 fixed errors in total.

  • Highlights of Minecraft PE version

Wolf Armor emits particles when destroyed, can be repaired at the Smithing Table (requiring the same Shield Plates), and is much slower to break due to periodic damage, like Lava;
The Realms section no longer causes screen freezing on smartphones and tablets during transitions between menus;
Skins and heroic costumes are displayed correctly on the screen and do not lead to FPS reduction;
The Warden now accelerates faster and curls up much more actively (and then unfolds);
Beds at the edge of the map no longer break or become invisible (in case of errors);
Building bridges in Minecraft no longer results in the appearance of several identical blocks at once.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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