Official Minecraft Capes resource pack

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Official Minecraft Capes

All Official Minecraft Capes resource pack for Minecraft PE that adds official capes from Mojang for your character. It provides opportunities to customize the appearance of your character and stand out among other players.

  • Texture Pack Features:

This resource pack includes capes from various events, add-ons, and official MCPE (Bedrock) events. You can choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

  • About Capes:

Each one is carefully designed and has a unique design. They add individuality and style to your character, allowing you to stand out from other gamers.

  • Customization:

In the settings of this pack, you can choose the cape you want.

  • Elytra:

If you wear elytra, they will adopt the same color scheme as your cape.

Official Minecraft Capes resource pack

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