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Kung Fu Panda addon

Download the Kung Fu Panda addon for Minecraft PE on Android if you love fun and interesting stories about a chubby and clumsy panda. She lives in dense Chinese forests and learns ancient skills.

  • The Kung Fu Panda mod for MCPE: its significance for the player:

The creators of the beloved app decided to diversify the pixelated world by adding many mobs from the well-known animated series!

Distinctive features of the modification:

  • The opportunity to get closer to famous cartoon characters.
  • Appearance of new possibilities and effects in the Minecraft reality.
  • Studying various and unusual items.
  • The ability to try on the image of any character from the animated series.

Make a choice: become a villain or a savior.

  • Thoroughly study ancient martial arts.
  • Embark on a fascinating and unexplored journey to unfamiliar lands.

Description of the modification:

The unique Kung Fu Panda mod for Minecraft PE offers the following opportunities for the player:

  • Feel super strength and other new abilities;
  • Transform into a favorite cartoon hero;
  • There are three iconic characters to choose from: Lord Shen, Tai Lung, Kai.

Features of the update:

This version of the popular online strategy works especially well in experimental mode. What awaits every Steve after activating the selected process:

  • The ability to smoothly and unhurriedly fall;
  • Huge reserves of life energy and health;
  • The application of the invisibility effect;
  • Impressive jumps;
  • The ability to respawn the hero after physical death.

General information:

The mentioned Kung Fu Panda mod for Minecraft PE allows a person to express themselves differently on the interactive map. By trying on different created images, they become a desired character for themselves.

What’s available:

  • Gaining experience and assessing combat forces;
  • Studying combat weapons and their effects;
  • Ability to examine the necessary characters more carefully.
  • This novelty is activated only in creative mode. This should be considered when downloading the game update.

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