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Creature Outside the Window addon

We recommend downloading the Creature Outside the Window addon for Minecraft PE on Android and enjoying the element of surprise. Do you want to get your nerves tickled and see what happens to Steve when faced with the worst nightmare coming true?

The Creature Outside the Window add-on for Minecraft PE: its frightening features
Developers have added a nightmarish creature to the pixel world, appealing to the darkest human instincts. It likes to hide outside the window and spy on Steve, peering into the depths of the house.

Key characteristics of the creature:

  • Easy to encounter the monster, imagined by the players’ fantasy.
  • The horror concept holds many interesting and frightening elements.
  • Fear can settle in the heart of even the bravest game character.
  • The maniac calmly observes what is happening in the mansion through a special gap.
  • The monster always notes the supposed moment of attack on the victim.
  • Steve is completely helpless and unarmed.

The unique “Creature Outside the Window” mod for Minecraft PE can send shivers down the spine of any player, arrogantly believing they have a strong psyche.

What this means:

  • The ominous guest outside the window is a fictional scary creature with its own “bugs” in its head.
  • It has a simple and understandable story of birth into the pixelated world.
  • A little boy loved reading horror stories about monsters and couldn’t cope with the evil creature unexpectedly jumping out of the book! Which is now everywhere looking for prey!
    Torturer’s appearance
    The built-in “Creature Outside the Window” mod for Minecraft PE gives the deceptive hope that this character is not that scary.

Its external characteristics:

  • The torso is colored in gray-white and maximally stretched.
  • Long and thin arms, folded at the seams.
  • A large square head.
  • Bulging evil eyes and a Joker-like maniac smile, ready to finish off Steve or NPCs at any moment.
  • The stretched toothy mouth instills a special fear.
  • From such a “guest,” you want to run away as far as possible and never meet him again. It is especially scary to sit in the living room in the fog by the window when you can’t see a thing. At the same time, you can only play in experimental mode, and the monster is located in the Inventory.

Creature Outside the Window addon 1.20+

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