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TV mod

If you want to significantly diversify your gameplay, you can download the TV mod for Minecraft PE on Android and place various appliances around your house in any order you like!

Modification for MCPE: Why Do Players Need It?
In response to players’ requests, the creators have added such an important piece of technology as a television.

Features of the modification:

  • The ability for players to feel the pixelated world more realistically by equipping it with an important technical device.
  • The ability to choose from a variety of TV models.
  • The addition of the TV viewing function for active players.

TV mod

Interior Item:
This special TV mod allows you to significantly change the interior of your home by adding just one detail.

What the developers have done:

  • They have realistically drawn all the details of the electronic device, making the proposed models “natural” and with minimal differences from real ones.
  • They have equipped the TV with a stylish and convenient stand with storage space.
  • They have drawn various newspapers, magazines, and crosswords on the stand.

The proposed addon allows you to easily and quickly equip Steve’s home in accordance with modern requirements.

What does this mean for the player:

  • A large screen size for the TV.
  • The integration of various devices to improve sound quality and significantly increase volume.
  • The ability to set up a home theater with appropriate equipment.
  • You can place a spacious and comfortable sofa.
  • You can arrange the space with additional appliances.
  • The modification only works in creative mode.
  • Lots of Furniture and Appliances
  • The extended TV mod for Minecraft PE offers the possibility to place a TV in every room of the house.

What else you can do:

  • The ability to stylize the TV in an antique style.
  • Adding antennas to antique devices.
  • The ability to use modern models with flat screens.
  • The appearance of a special stand.
  • The chance to trade with a wandering trader for an interesting item for diamonds.
  • The appearance of chests with various items, furniture, and hardware.

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