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Minecraft PE

New test chambers, unprecedented gear, and unique foes await in Minecraft PE on Android, offering a revamped sandbox experience.

Mojang’s experts have unveiled over 50 technical innovations for the “Workshop,” used by testers and unofficial content developers, alongside enhancing the pixel universe’s performance in busy scenes.

The sandbox now includes additional tested features: a Treasure Map with extra markers and an expanded Friends menu, making it easier to interact with those in your “Favorites.”

  • Mace:

This new weapon in Minecraft deals damage to mobs and blocks, and allows for area attacks while airborne.

The damage dealt depends on the fall height – the higher, the greater the damage radius.

Crafted from a heavy core and a Breeze rod, the Mace is repaired with similar ingredients at the forge.

  • Swamper:

A surprising Skeleton variant inhabits swamps (including Mangrove) and uses a bow with poisonous arrows, inflicting periodic poison damage.

Handling the Swamper is straightforward – the mob is clumsy with reduced characteristics compared to the classic undead in the sandbox.

  • Storage:

This unique block unlocks with a special Key and contains valuable rewards for those completing all battles in the Trial Room.

Weapons, equipment, resources, and rare trophies (including the Heavy Core and Patterns for flags) can change the fate of adventurers in seconds.

  • Experimental mode:

Noteworthy tested innovations include:

A new Treasure Map for the Trial Chamber, purchased from a Cartographer, displaying underground structure architecture information.
Reworked interface, introducing a “Friends” menu displaying information about added and potential allies, a search bar, and quick gaming session setup with selected contacts.

Bug fixes:

The new version boasts over 17 new features.

  • The latest Minecraft version on Apple mobile devices now enters sleep mode after disconnecting from the server;
  • The “Recent Events” tab is more actively updated with information about each player’s actions (and friends’ stories);
  • After death, the camera automatically shifts perspective and position on the screen (switching to third-person);
  • Realms stories are again accessible without needing to restart smartphones or tablets;
  • Frequent underwater jump button interaction no longer depletes oxygen;
  • Observers and “Realms” guests no longer affect “Stories” generation or activity statistics;
  • Scared turtles no longer vigilantly watch NPCs or players after returning to their “standard” position;
  • The new death screen now functions in all modes (including “Educational”);
  • Wolf armor in the Frame is correctly displayed – no flickering, blending, or sinking into textures;
  • The /summon command no longer affects Wolf behavior – mobs can be easily tamed and will follow their owner.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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