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Do you love the series of cartoons about the “despicable villain” anti-hero and his tireless helpers in goggles? Then you can download the Minions addon for Minecraft PE on Android and see what happens!

  • Description:

The creators decided to continue the animated series with a special modification dedicated to the main workers of Villain Valley, who work day and night for the good of Gru.

Key features:

  • Befriend the cute and loyal employees of the big factory.
  • Ability to fight various enemies.
  • Use of other famous characters from the cartoon in the game.
  • The yellow creatures speak funny and love to help Steve in everything.
  • The village will grow faster, and the main character will prosper.
  • They are strong and tireless.
  • Easily replace some mobs.
  • The update also includes Gru, Evil Minions, and other characters from the animated series.
  • Creating a minion mob

The special Minions mod for MCPE contains the following components:

  • Zombie-pigman is eliminated, instead, there is now a minion;
  • The game starts in creative mode – all items are in the Inventory;
  • Survival mode also affects the Nether of the application;
  • Evil minion replaces the skeleton – all evil creatures hate it;
  • The potion of poisoning can easily make a minion evil;
  • The potion of weakness bestows kindness and mercy;
  • Gru treats everyone in the Minecraft reality friendly.
  • How to tame mobs
  • This add-on helps Steve tame any creature from the cartoon.

Process features:

  • Only an adult can be tamed;
  • Carrots increase the chances of taming by 35%;
  • Bananas speed up the growth of yellow people;
  • The health of a tamed mob is better than that of a “wild” one;
  • Gru is tamed with an unappetizing bitter onion.

They, like in the cartoon, cannot live without work. You can confidently load them with various instructions and wait for the result.

What it means:

  • Sword – killing animals;
  • Fishing rod – fishing;
  • Axe – chopping trees for firewood.

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