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In the near future, our favorite game Minecraft is due to release a global update that will radically change the world we are used to. However, the update has not yet been fully released. However, already now we have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the innovations with the help of a special snapshot released by the developers. It allows you to get to know the new biome in more detail, as well as all the possibilities that it offers players.

This biome is generated deep underground, and its floor is covered with a rolling pin. It is in this place that you can find a new mob – Warden (Overseer).
Regarding this enemy, the following is known:
The creature is blind and uses vibration to navigate the terrain;
– His blows cannot be reflected with a shield, plus nothing falls out of the Overseer;
– Warden sleeps underground and digs out when the character draws too much attention to himself;
– The more vibrations the player emits, the more aggressive the Warden becomes. You can understand the state by the speed of the pulsation of souls in his chest;
– If you do not attract the attention of Warden for a minute, then he will calm down and go underground again.

Introduced a new effect – Darkness. It is imposed on the character through the Overseer or skalk-shriker (skulk-shouter). The effect reduces gamma to around 25% and the overall brightness of the world is periodically reduced.

Added new structures – Ancient cities, which can be found in the Deep Dark biome. There you will be able to find the mysterious block “Fortified Abyssal Slate” (it cannot be obtained in Survival Mode) and chests protected by Skalk Sensors and Skalk Screamers.

Inside these chests, you can find a new enchantment “Swift Sneak” for boots (a crouched player starts moving at the same speed as standing). Introduced skalk-blocks, skalk-vine and skalk-catalyst.

You can download the new snapshot for the game here. People who want to buy Minecraft should look at the official site of the project. You can download free mods for Minecraft via CurseForge.



Download Minecraft Snapshot 1.19 for Android

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