Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Developers at Mojang have announced the latest trial version of Minecraft PE for Android.In this version, 12 bugs have been resolved, along with a multitude of changes totaling 26 in number. Detailed modifications are outlined below.


  • Added the sound of snowballs being thrown by Snow Golems.
  • Introduced a distinct sound for the transformation of Pigs into Zombie Piglins.
  • Using Shears to carve Pumpkins is accompanied by a characteristic sound.
  • Zoglins now have a sound for their transformation from Hoglins.
  • Items landing in Lava are now accompanied by an additional sound.
  • Pillager Outposts will appear in both Taiga and Crimson biomes.
  • Netherite items sinking into Lava will do so silently.
  • Teleporting a player from the End to the Overworld no longer leads to crashes or glitches.

Version Parity between Java and Bedrock:

  • The gate icon in the user interface has received an updated design.
  • While playing in creative mode, users can toggle flight even while in Sneaking and Crawling modes.


  • Re-curing a Zombie Villager does not increase the trading discount.
  • Altered the system for placing building blocks when a player is in Sneak or Jump mode.
  • Texture changes have been applied to user interface icons.
  • Witches will replenish raid health with healing potions.
  • Numerous vibration signals have been added for NPCs, entities, and player actions.

Technical Updates:

  • The Beta version has undergone 16 changes to optimize the work of testers and mod developers.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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