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Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

Recently, a global update “Caves and Rocks” was released in Minecraft, and version 1.18 for Android smartphones is its second part. The game introduced new types of terrain, new types of blocks, as well as new items for crafting. As part of this material, we will try to consider the main innovations, as well as the key features of each of them.

World generation
In the new update, special ores have become part of the game, and mountains of various types have appeared, each of which has its own types of flora and fauna.
Caverns only spawn up to -59 block level. Consider what can be found in such caves:

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
1) At all levels above zero, only stones appear.
2) However, the zero level is notable for the fact that you can find a special shale stone on it.
3) In order to find deep shale, you need to go below the eighth underground level.
4) Ore begins to appear precisely among the deep shale reserves in certain percentage ratios.
5) Note that andesite, granite, diorite and earth do not appear in the shale layer.
Features of the device of the caves:
1) Biomes, reservoirs and aquifers are generated in them.
2) At all subsurface levels, there is a possibility that aquifers will be combined with lava.
3) All old caves have also been improved and merged with new caves.
4) For a variety of movements, new narrow canyons have appeared in the game.
5) Cheese caves and Spaghetti caves appeared, which expanded the list of Noisy Caves.

The mountains

The mountains have also been seriously overhauled as part of the new update. It is very important to note that their height has now been increased to 256 blocks.
• The territory of mountain meadows has appeared, where flowers and berries grow. This is the first level of the territories in front of the mountains. After the meadows, groves and peaks are formed, each of which is characterized by its own special flora and fauna. For example, goats appear on the peaks.
• Depending on the surrounding biomes, the type of climate on the summits will also differ. For example, warm peaks will be located at the borders of a warm and cold biome. If the biome is warm, then the tops of the slope will be cold.
The mountains have undergone other changes as well. For example, the height of the world has been increased to 320 blocks, each mountain now has a variable height. At the same time, the mountains have become much more interesting for mining, since various types of ores appear here, which can then be used for crafting by the player.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Ore vein

This term characterizes rare accumulations of ores and other blocks. Copper ore and granite are generated at levels above Y = 0, while iron ore and tuff are generated at levels below Y = 0.
The game has new biomes.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

Lush caves

A new type of caves, the main feature of which is a large amount of vegetation. Many new blocks appear exactly here, namely:
Spore flower;
Moss block and moss cover. When using bone meal with a block of moss, vegetation grows on it. The game now has the ability to craft a mossy carpet similar in characteristics to woolen carpets.
Azalea and blooming Azalea. A beautiful flower that can be used as fuel for a stove.
In general, the game has about 10 new varieties of vegetation, each of which at least allows you to decorate the territory.
Axolotls spawn in this biome, and moss can be found in its caves.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Dark depths

A biome that spawns underground. This is where the watchman comes in. Interesting features of the biome are: the appearance of candles, acoustic sensors and a Sculk block. When the watchman appears, the lighting dims.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

Karst cave

Karst Cave is a new biome where Drip Blocks and Drip Blocks are generated. They form stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
The peculiarity of these “icicles” is that they can fall on the player, causing instant damage. Water drips from them, which can be collected in a boiler.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

Blocks and items

The new version adds Sculk blocks that allow you to create wireless circuits, as well as a goat horn.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Sculk block.
Only generated in the dark depths and used to device wireless circuits. He got animated textures.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

Sculk trap

Also forms only in the Grim Depths biome. It differs from the Sculk blocks in the top textures. Required when creating circuits.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Sculk chute
In appearance it may appear to be made of bone. Its light cannot be used for illumination, since it is only a visual decoration of the block itself.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Sculk veins
The peculiarity of this type of blocks is that they are formed in layers, like snow. A special property is transparency, which allows peeking behind them.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Acoustic sensor
This block can be used to create special patterns that track movement. It is important to remember that the sensor will not detect movement if the character is moving on a wool carpet.

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android
Goat horn

A new type of item that can be obtained from a goat. In order for it to appear, it requires the goat to ram a hard block.


Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

Minecraft PE 1.18 for Android

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