Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

The game developers have recently rolled out a beta release of Minecraft for Android. In this latest update, they’ve integrated several changes to the attributes of Explorer Maps.

Key Features:

  • Introduction of Fresh Water Sounds: A new set of aquatic sounds has been incorporated into the game, triggering only when the character’s eyes are submerged.
  • Alteration in Boss Health Bar Color: The color of the boss’s health bar has been adjusted.
  • Camel Leaping Restrictions: Camels are no longer able to leap when they find themselves in water or lava within the Minecraft world.
  • Iron Golem Spawn Height Adjustment: Iron Golems are now capable of spawning in areas that exceed a height of 2 blocks.

To align the Bedrock version more closely with Java, they have made some noteworthy alterations:

Regarding Treasure Maps:

  • Modified Properties: These maps have been updated to unveil rare structures in regions previously explored by players.
    In terms of bug fixes, the following issues have been addressed:
  • Arrow Effect Correction: Arrows with special effects now correctly apply these effects, even when blocked by a Shield.
  • Restoration of Village Functionality: Villages located in the Nether and the End dimensions have had their functionality restored.
  • Bucket Water Retrieval: Players can once again fill their buckets with water from swampy blocks.
  • Camel Sprint Button: A sprint button has been introduced for camels, especially beneficial for players using a joystick.
  • Enhanced Touch Device Experience: On touch devices, buttons will no longer overlap, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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