Minecraft 1.20.30 [Release]

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Minecraft 1.20.30 [Release]

Today, the long-awaited Minecraft 1.20.30 update has been released for Android phones. This release not only addresses existing issues but also introduces some valuabl e innovations.We’ll delve into the details below.

What’s New?
There are many noteworthy additions in this intermediate version. First and foremost, the updated death screen, which has remained largely untouched since the game’s inception, catches the eye. The camera now zooms out to make it easier to see why you perished. Additionally, they’ve implemented:


  • This option is now available to everyone without enabling experimental settings.
  • Camera speed and positioning have been updated.
  • Bugs during crawling on servers have been fixed.
  • Enhanced item search in the inventory and clearing of old search results.

Commands moved to the main branch:

  • /camera
  • /scriptevent
  • /recipe
  • Recipe Book
  • Added a new recipe unlocking system.
  • Modified the search system in “Survival.”
  • Notification sounds are now similar to those in Java Edition.
  • Renamed “Pause Menu” to “Game Menu.”
  • Modified the Minecraft Preview icon.
  • Changed the names and positions of some buttons.
  • Added vibrations for new blocks.

Minecraft 1.20.30 [Release]

Version Parity:

We are one step closer to achieving full parity with Java Edition.

Adjusted block explosion resistance and destruction time.
Different layers of snow have unique heights.
Updated sounds.

New Requirements for Phones:

Starting in 2024, the Mojang team will set new minimum requirements for Android phones and tablets.

Android version 8.
OpenGL ES 3.0
1 GB of RAM.
This release will be a delight to all Minecraft enthusiasts, especially those who were anticipating greater version parity. We strongly recommend downloading Minecraft 1.20.30 on Android and updating as soon as possible.

Minecraft 1.20.30 [Release]

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