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Portals to Different Worlds mod

Download the Portals to Different Worlds mod for Minecraft PE on Android and build entrances to other dimensions of the game space from various materials!The Minecraft PE game world consists of three dimensions: the familiar Overworld, the dangerous Underworld, and the mysterious End.The creators of the mod allowed players to create portals to different worlds and go on journeys to explore new locations with unique landscapes, additional armor and interesting mobs.

Sky dimension:
A kind of ethereal dimension will appear, inhabited by unique creatures. This location will appeal to those who like to create portals to different worlds, especially those who have previously encountered a similar mod on PC.

After building the portal, the player needs to take milk and consume it in the frame. This will start the teleportation process.

MCPE users are advised to keep their inventories empty as sometimes items can disappear from inventory after using the travel portal.

New mobs:
Once the portal takes the player to the Heavenly Dimension, they will encounter unique creatures. Even players who have already explored different worlds will be amazed by the exotic mobs found here.

The mod adds flying pigs and cows to the location. These animals can be a source of meat for Steve.

Horned rabbits and reptiles will only attack in return. And the deer can share its antlers with the players, which can be used to make strong swords.

A great mod for travelers who use portals to move between different worlds, gaining access to four dimensions.Dimensioning the cave requires building a portal and activating it with the lava bucket and the key in the corner of the frame. Arriving at a new location, Steve will face wither skeletons and numerous spiders led by his boss.The temple dimension includes a sandstone portal and an activation with a piece of flint. The boss mummy is in the temple.

Celestial visitors must create a quartz frame and light it with a torch. At their destination, a heavenly dragon awaits them.

Finally, the ruin dimension requires the creation of a portal of bricks and lapis lazuli to activate. New golems and a skeleton dragon live here.

Portals to Different Worlds mod

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