Minecraft PE[Beta version]

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Minecraft PE[Beta version]

Every week, the developers of the cubic universe consistently release new versions to stabilize and optimize the game. Recently, they introduced the test version of Minecraft, which includes updates to touch controls, improvements to ensure consistency between computer and mobile versions, and bug fixes that greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Enhancements to Touch Controls:

In this version, the developers have made significant improvements to the touch controls in the game. Key changes include:

Customizable mobile control screen settings, allowing users to personalize their controls.
Seamless transition from water to land by automatically jumping to the shore when near it.
Adjusted initial block selection delay to minimize accidental hits in creative mode.
Introduction of drag and drop functionality for easier item transfer to the inventory.
Improved sorting of stacks for greater convenience.
Double-tapping the “go down” command now disables flight mode.
Relocated inventory effects for improved visibility.

Minecraft PE[Beta version]
Version Parity:

To ensure consistency between the Bedrock and Java editions, the test version of Minecraft includes four changes:

Players no longer lose experience points when they die in Spectator Mode.
Preserved player level after death in Spectator Mode.
Display of original name in chat when a player is killed with a renamed item.
Matched grass color in certain biomes with the PC version.

Bug Fixes:

The developers have addressed various critical bugs, resulting in significant gameplay improvements. Some notable fixes include:

Restored creature generation in the Ancient City structure.
Display of NPC names only when looking at them.
Prevented blocks from breaking when falling onto double slabs.
Reintroduced diagonal movement using the keyboard.
Fixed the triggering of Redstone Chains.
Ensured proper functionality of sticky pistons.
Correct display of Minecraft game user nicknames.
Reduced water brightness of waterlogged blocks placed beneath other blocks.
Optimized screen position changes on smartphones.
Restored the ability of Iron Golems to offer flowers to Child Villagers.
Corrected the position of the Guardian, resolving hovering issues.
Fixed bugs preventing proper transportation through Nether portals with tamed mobs.
Aligned villagers with the Mountain Grove Biome and snowy appearance.
Fixed sound issues with text during player death.
Ensured correct functioning of achievements in all worlds.
Improved boat teleportation through Nether Portals.

Technical Updates:

The test version also includes fourteen technical changes, such as:

Improved and more accurate teleportation commands.
Introduction of the /loot command for block replacement.
New commands: “/execute rotated” and “/execute rotated as”.
Please note that this is a test version, so it’s recommended to create backups of your worlds before proceeding.

Minecraft PE[Beta version]

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