Minecraft PE[Beta version]

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Minecraft PE[Beta version]

Minecraft enthusiasts and lovers of creative sandbox gameplay now have the opportunity to download the trial version of Minecraft This version brings several adjustments that allow players to immerse themselves in new experiences, including the ability to drown in Soul Sand and Mud. Furthermore, the developers have diligently addressed various issues, resulting in optimized gameplay.

Notable Enhancements:

The primary focus of this update lies in the introduction of a new parameter for the /summon command.

• Rotation support has been incorporated: /summon [spawnPos: x y z] [yRot: float] [xRot: float] [spawnEvent: string] [nametag: string], wherein

— spawnPos represents the spawn coordinates;
— yRot and xRot denote the rotation of the entity around the Y and X axes, respectively;
— spawnEvent signifies the events occurring during creature spawning;
— nametag pertains to the name of the entity.

Version Parity:

A total of 11 adjustments have been implemented to ensure parity between the mobile and desktop versions (Bedrock and Java). Key changes include:

• Spectator mode now features a natural water fog effect.
• Players can cultivate sweet berries in their gardens.
• Bubble Pillars’ pressure force has been adjusted to align with the Java Edition.
• Collision between Grass Paths and Beds has been reduced.
• Players are now susceptible to drowning in Mud blocks and Soul Sands.
• While swimming in Mud, the texture no longer obstructs the screen.
• Projectiles hitting Dirt now exhibit stability.
• Frogs, tadpoles, and fish navigate Mud blocks more efficiently.
• Evoker Jaws can now inflict damage on Ravagers.
• Ravagers have received increased speed and hitbox dimensions.

Bug Fixes:

A total of 5 issues have been rectified, including:

• Resolved the problem of players sustaining fall damage on the trapdoor in Bubble Pillars.
• Enhanced the attack and damage capabilities of mobs with extended ranges.
• Fixed various bugs related to inventory, crafting menu, and item drops.
• Disabling death notifications in the settings no longer triggers their appearance.

Technical Updates:

This update introduces 6 specific points aimed at facilitating modification development and testing.

Important Note: It is highly recommended to create backup copies of your worlds before installing the trial version of the game.

Minecraft PE[Beta version]

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