Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

An initial release of Minecraft PE for Android has been made accessible. The game’s developers have enhanced the trading system involving both Residents and the Traveling Trader. Additionally, they have introduced support for RenderDragon shaders within the game Minecraft.

 Tradingystem Update:

The trading mechanics with the Librarian and Traveling Trader have been thoroughly overhauled. It’s important to note that this feature becomes accessible when activating the Experimental Game Mode.

Updates to the Librarian:

  • The Librarian now offers top-tier enchantments for sale.
  • Advancing through levels yields progressively improved enchantments within the Minecraft universe.
  • Various types of enchantments can be purchased in different biome villages.
  • Constructing a personalized village enables the acquisition of enchantments.

Updates to the Traveling Trader:

  • Prices have been reduced.
  • The range of available goods has been expanded.
  • There is an increased capacity to offer a wider array of items for sale.

A total of 5 noteworthy modifications have been introduced, encompassing the following changes:

  • Enhanced availability of Diamonds within the Deep Shale stratum.
  • Inclusion of messaging functionality to interact with content creators through the in-game market.
  • Introduction of a novel command to disable access to unlocked recipes.
  • Integration of support for Render Dragon shaders.

Refinements to vibrations have been implemented in various scenarios, including:

  • Casting the Eye of Ender.
  • Movement of minecarts.
  • Capturing Fish in a Bucket.
  • Dyeing Leather Armor.
  • And other instances.

To ensure version coherence, 3 alterations have been made to enhance Bedrock synchronization with Java. The following aspects are of particular significance:

  • Villagers no longer receive professions during sleep.
  • Improvements in the effectiveness of Shulker box signals.
  • Enhanced generation of Snow and Ice landscapes.

A total of 45 glitches have been rectified, leading to the following enhancements:

  • Improved sounds produced by Zymogors, menus, and Shield usage.
  • Third-person view no longer shows transparency through Snow, Mud, and Sand blocks.
  • Stonecutters now consistently drop when manually broken.
  • Efficient and accurate mining of Pistons using pickaxes.
  • Correction to the naming of Cement.
  • After crafting, manually holding an item now combines all similar items into a single stack.
  • Accurate text display during sleep.
  • Proper progression of skipping the night when disconnecting sleeping players.
  • Prevention of portal traversal during sleep.
  • Introduction of a vertical synchronization slider in the game settings.
  • Mobs correctly holding the Rogue Flag in their right hand.
  • Correct positioning of parrots on players’ shoulders while in water.
  • Resolution of Gast entrapment in Lava Bubbles, preventing game crashes.
  • Elimination of game crashes during stacking operations.
  • Proper functioning of crouching during airborne and block-destruction activities.
  • Correction of minor UI inconsistencies.
  • Proper behavior of the camera in 3 perspectives when viewing through Glass blocks.
  • Enhanced player connectivity to servers.
  • Accurate execution of commands within the game.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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