Minecraft PE for Android (Release)

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Minecraft PE for Android (Release)

Creators from Mojang released a full-version of Minecraft PE Caves-Cliffs on Android! In version, we get new caves, ores, mobs. Enjoy!

1.17 play on servers, and you haven’t restrictions.
Developers tweeted that soon add candles to Bedrock.

Monsters attached to MCPE, axolotls, glowing squids, goats.

Minecraft PE for Android (Release)

Amphibious organisms emerge within their natural habitat in cave-waters. Breed tropical-fish, can’t tame.

Minecraft PE for Android (Release)

Axolotl attack fish, drowned and guards.
Blue-axolotl is rarest.
Turns dead when receiving damage

Spawns on mountains.
Fight players and brutes.
High jumps.
Take damage-amount.
Reproduce with wheat.
Horns reset when hit hard-block.

Killed, drops glowing-ink.

Beasts and in general walking round-world find resources. Craft cool things.
Use ink and a frame to a glowing-frame and put objects in it. Glow at night.

Able to do glowing-signs. Hold it down on sign.

Block in mountains-biome.

Animals freeze in loose-snow.
Gamers protect them from harm in loose snow by wearing leather-armor.
Snow-rains on cauldron, it fills up with.
Skeletons became with a tramp in powdery-snow.
Leather boots allow hero and monsters not to stop.
Dim light-sources. It illuminates our mine-caves.

Geode-block be enclosed by two layers of smooth basalt and calcite.
Huge geode in grotto-amethysts.
Amethysts with beautiful sounds.
Three options for amethysts-growth
Competent to obtain shards. Glasses not let any light in. Break it, they drop out.

May rave copper to keep it from oxidizing.
Apply axe to remove wax from it.

Ability to draw a fire projectile while emitting a redstone signal.

Handle it to look at long distances.

Call it raw-ore. It falls out of all ores-block. It needs to be melted.

Deep Shale.
It is generated below y=16. It is cobblestone, only darker.
Melt it down and get decorative.

But at hour, meet it in beta-version.
Stalactites and stalagmites
Fall, and do injury.

Water droplets fall from a hanging mineral deposit, obstructing its path. Molten lava drips down from above mineral deposit. If a container is positioned beneath it, container becomes filled with flowing substance.
Dripstones grow in water. Two-types, little and large.

If stand on a dropper, it goes bottom.
Make big one from a small dropper-block.
Fertilize it.

Extend at bottom. Hoe, collect up.
Glowing-berries appear in cave-holes and illuminate. Picked and eaten, feed to fox.
Flower with spores
Decorative-flower that spreads-spores in form of particles.

Wandering merchant has sells.


2 drippings, 2-mud with roots, 2-blocks of moss for emerald.

Panorama of update to main screen.

Improved visibility during swimming.
Renew ore-texture.

Minecraft PE for Android (Release)

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