Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE

New personal profiles on Xbox and PlayStation, unique texture effects, and a completely redesigned inventory – download Minecraft PE and explore the fresh version of the sandbox as a true pioneer.

  • What’s New in Minecraft
    As before, the experts from Mojang have focused on the development of the “Workshop,” used by developers and testers of unofficial content.

However, the test build also includes technical fixes capable of significantly improving performance.

Experimental Mode:

  • There aren’t too many features in the testing stage: firstly, many experimental features now work without using a special toggle switch in the settings. Secondly,
  • Cartographers now allow you to acquire Trial Room Maps.

Changes and Fixes:
Developers have introduced several new features:

  • The console version of Minecraft now supports a dedicated personal profile window, showcasing statistics, achievements, and a “Friends” list exclusively.
  • Tall grass in “Creative” mode and on consoles is now categorized for easier command input.
  • Endermen no longer freeze during combat and have acquired the ability to glide through the air and dodge attacks.
  • Floating particles no longer cluster together but are separated and display various shades.
  • The duration of some effects has been notably extended, averaging up to 190 seconds.

Bug Fixes:
There have been just over 23 significant improvements:

  • The “mob spawn radius” parameter no longer resets when using incorrect values (distances and times).
  • Stacks of blocks are now divided differently in the inventory due to the redesigned interface and additional buttons.
  • Realms and third-party content presented in the store are no longer immediately advertised after authorization or when switching between menus.
  • The text query “dolimitedcrafting” automatically unlocks access to all recipes and removes any restrictions.
  • Changing the camera perspective no longer leads to crashes, critical errors, or texture display issues.
  • The Swamp Axolotl’s attack speed has been adjusted – new projectiles now appear every 3.8 seconds.
  • Developers have reintroduced the ability to craft tools and items from Copper blocks.
  • Particles and textures accompanying certain effects in Minecraft no longer reduce FPS or affect performance.
  • Storage textures (including the Menacing variation) have been redrawn and stylized.
  • The bug allowing infinite resource mining from destroyed Patterned Vases in Trial Rooms has been fixed.
  • Copper trapdoors no longer flip over or change position in the air immediately after applying wax to the block.
  • Copper is now available for use in the Stonecutter – new recipes have already been added to the sandbox.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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