Minecraft PE for Android

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Minecraft PE for Android

Moving towards a full-fledged update of Cave and Cliffs. Version of Minecraft PE with a working Xbox, added glowing lichen. Mojang spent on bug-fix.



In current-version we get new generations in grotto, as well as fresh bugfixes, and improvements.



Thin outgrowth on blocks, in a cavern. It found under surface of stone, andesite, diorite, granite, calcite, tuff, and on a drip-block.


Can be over-watered.

Gives light in hollow



Might break it no tool, but if you use scissors, mine glow-lichen. Even with silk touch effect, you cannot mine it.


Minecraft PE for Android


Problems solution

Trouble fixed.


Keyboard and mouse will be supported on this platform. Solved crashes.


And 29 bug corrected here.


Minecraft PE for Android




Screen underwater no longer goes black

Structural-block exported

Powdery snow no falls when exploding

Fixed food animation

Shields for right and left hand are now symmetrical

Azalea-leaves fall out when mowing

Moss-block fertilized

Roots composted

A shovel over a root-block gives a block of soil

Bees perceive azalea


Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

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