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Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is spin-off from Mojang and Blackbird Interactive, new-strategy where action takes place in Minecraft-universe. Large-scale battles, teaming up, fighting antagonist in form of pinglins and interesting moments await you in strategy.


Release-date: 2023.

Available on: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox


In a flash, harmony-world and happiness was invaded by pig-monsters from Hell-world. Gather all strength and beat unwanted guests. Story is about cube-world of Minecraft-Legends. Video-game was based on bravery, friendship. Bad-stories, defeats, victims.

Minecraft Legends


Game about ordinary-world. Upper-wolrd is occupied by pig-beasts. Gathering efforts of whole-world, you need to crush is in order to free planet from enemies. Search allies. Collect all monsters of Upperworld to help you kill foes from Netherworld.

Minecraft Legends


Real-time-strategy, contest «hand-to-hand» with gamers utilizing tactics and tricks. Project is far from game-original. Brutes, locations, familiar-blocks, but it is different-project and great attract of users: to plunge into new, Mojang-developers put «hand», based-on original-story.

Events happening before or after – it is unknown, authors not disclosed details, we know in vanilla-mobs never cooperate, for example, villagers with zombies.

Main rivals are Piglins-creatures, and to stop is, living-creatures unite to oppose a huge army. No division into «hostile,» peaceful,» and «neutral. Good and evil side. No combats with dragons, tempers, guardians, and bosses.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends


Has mechanic for interacting with blocks and animals. Player apply its to change them into items, for portals and moving to dimensions, summoning certain-mobs, become your loyal-allies and defenders.


One of unnatural-being is Cobblestone Golem, unique-appearance that differs from original. Unsightly golem-appearance, turned out to be adorable. He got formations during development and testing phase, and got final look. Deal large damage to pig using-tactics.

Minecraft Legends


Representative of it is plank version, and you haven’t seen such creatures. It stands out for its beautiful and cute-appearance. Lead a serious and powerful pounce against Piglin-monster. Large number of beast guarantees you stable line of defense.

Minecraft Legends


Lovely, small, unusual – that’s way to describe it, mediocre job. Numerous moss-covers cover body, they do not participate in combat. Required to heal your troops. And if you neglect them, war lost. Use healing water to restore health of warrior on battlefront.

Minecraft Legends


Necessary to massively attack piglins-beast, powerful-bodies to do so. Mob can knock down multiple opponents, «bursting» onto battlefield. Minecraft-developers went straight a lot of texture options to decide on appearance of it

Minecraft Legends


Piglins are major-antagonists, which is whole-story is «tied». Came to world to conquer it, to unleash warfare, chaos, turmoil, and panic population. Falling into categories, accordingly, clear differences in design. It is confirmed that groups: Piglin-Runts, Piglin-Grunter, Piglin-Bruiser, Piglin-Piggo, Piglin-Portal-Guardian.

Minecraft Legends\Minecraft Legends\Minecraft Legends

Creators periodically release «Developer-Diaries» where announce kind of content, gameplay-features, movements, secrets, warming up interest in program.


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