Download Terraria 1.3 (Full)

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Download Terraria 1.3 (Full)


Have you ever played any games that are analogous to the Minecraft game? For example Roblox or Terraria? If not, then we recommend that you discover another equally interesting world called Terraria. What is it and what interesting things await you there? Let’s take a look at the features of this game below.

Download Terraria 1.3 (Full)

Download Terraria 1.3 (Full)

Terraria game features

Terraria is a very addicting Action-adventure game that is very similar to everyone’s favorite Minecraft world. But we want to warn you right there that these games, although they have a certain similarity, are actually completely different. In Terraria, the world is created in 2D, there are many recipes, items, and of course bosses, mobs, and monsters with which you have to fight. Players will also have to search for ore in order to create special armor and weapons from it, fight various monsters, and also explore different caves in order to find new items. We also draw your attention to the fact that players need to get new items in order to be able to spawn bosses. Defeat different bosses and get new items and weapons!

In the game Terraria, players do not appear empty-handed, as is often the case in the Minecraft world. Having created a new world, you will immediately have three starting items, namely a copper ax, a copper dagger, and a copper pickaxe. Players can find almost all resources deep in caves, only unique items can be found in special chests or by killing different mobs.

Players need to collect resources and then use all the collected resources to build a house or a temporary shelter. Do not forget to go through the quests offered to you in order to settle a Non-Playable Character in your house, or in simple words NPCs (inhabitants of the game, are neutral and do not pose a danger to the player). Players can trade with NPCs, from them you can purchase various useful items for your survival.

Please note that the game Terraria is compatible with many platforms and various devices, which makes it possible for every player to discover this wonderful world. The game has excellent music, as well as good graphics that will make your gameplay more realistic and unforgettable!



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