Starbound for Android and PC

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Starbound for Android and PC

Starbound is an action-adventure role-playing indie arcade with platformer and action elements. You are forced to flee from your planet by stealing a ship. Fleeing from chase, you find on unknown-planet. Adventures start, in procedurally generated sandbox.

It invites player to research a vast, procedurally-generated world with multiple-planets; Includes searching for or crafting weapons and items, mining resources, constructing buildings on planet-surface.

A spaceship acts as transport for gamers to anylaze galaxy. Teleports allows you to descend to planet-orbs orbiting ship, as well as to teleports.

Starbound for Android and PC

Game-elements, (guns, armor, clothing), enemies, and planet-world are created using procedural generation technology, grant for an enormous variety of content.

Game features story-based missions, quests, beast, an open-world to explore, and ability to interact and terraform environment. A character’s class is determined by things he or she wears.

Starbound for Android and PC


Avianes – humanoid-birds culture is reminiscent of ancient-world of Aztecs.

Apex – evolved primates representing futurism-advanced technology, cybernetics, genetic engineering, etc.

Florans – humanoid flowers, quite violent and militant.

Hylotls are amphibians who reside underwater. At war with Floran-mobs. Live in an empire, like feudal Japan.

Glitchy robots/cyborgs designed to mimic progress of civilization.  They stopped beginning of development, in medieval-era of knights, dragons, and fair ladies. Build castles and space-transports in form of fortresses.

Novakid – People made up of bright star gas. No one knows where it came from, Novakids don’t remember history, no traditions and no past. As if in Wild West, trains-ships, cowboy hats, and manners of time.

Starbound for Android and PC


Is not a whole-world, but a set of separate randomly-generated two-dimensional locations are not connected. A Hundred or two-hundred hours of Terraria to play, Starbound-game is to your affection, and you will discover even in empty, boring-world.

But before you buy Chucklefish Ltd, you’ll need to meet a partner to fight ancient evil. Seekers of interesting experience of galactic scale can pay attention to Stellar is right now – no need to get bored.

Starbound for Android and PC

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