FPS Mod for Minecraft PE

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FPS Mod for Minecraft PE

What FPS-mod bring to Minecraft-Pocket Edition ? FPS-addon for MCPE players show how to increase number of changing-frames. Crafters notice on phone-screens. In order for game not to slow, it is important to optimize it reduce bugs.



Author of FPS-modification added handy feature to game-settings. Minecraft-PE users in their-world and explore surroundings or fight duels with scary villains, able to detect counter on screens.

Its appearance traced to top corner on right side of display. Straight colon it indicates in real time actual-numbers.



Thanks to mod for FPS Minecraft in hidden-settings can control enlarge in frames-number and device not slow-down. Even weakest smartphones work well.

Changes demonstrated activation of addon. See it on left side of monitor-screen.


Minecraft-addon is complete. Activating modification, app starts no lags and slowdowns.

Recycled internals and disabled unnecessary elements have no effect on quality of world and overload it. Functionality find-out in settings and find perfect balance.

Gameplay in Minecraft-BE, speed and picture will edit lot in good direction. And if before it took time to on program because of over, it no longer be with add-on.

Main thing is to launch addition to run new features and learn improvements.

FPS Mod for Minecraft PE

FPS Mod for Minecraft PE

FPS Mod for Minecraft PE

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