The Mimic Addon

The Mimic Addon will add new very specific creatures. Imagine you will go to Cave for some ores. You find a chest, try to open it. But if you come closer chest will open the mouth and attack you. Yes, these kind of mobs you will see in the addon. Addon includes 5 type of mobs: mimik,large mimik, ender mimik, barrel mimik and golem mimik.

How does it work?

For example you see usual golem. But when you come closer Golem will be changed in the mimik monster. That’s how it works for every 4 mobs.

The Mimic Addon


The Mimic Addon


The Mimic Addon


  • 5 new mobs
  • based on mimik RGP games
  • Large mimik will attack villagers

How to spawn?

  • /summon rpg:mimic
  • /summon rpg:mimic _large
  • /summon rpg:mimic_ender
  • /summon rpg:mimic_barrel
  • /summon rpg:mimic_golem



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