Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

A testing version of (MCPE)Minecraft Pocket Edition has been made available for Android.

The following changes have been implemented:

New Additions:

Two additional features have been introduced:

  • The default spawning area will now remain intact within a radius of 10 blocks.
  • When opting for automatic command completion, the cursor will instantly navigate to the end.

Version Consistency:

To synchronize Bedrock with Java, three modifications have been implemented. Key changes include:

  • The inclusion of particle effects during the crafting of Iron Golems and Snow Golems.
  • Improved blending of water and lava within the Minecraft world.
  • Witches are now proficient in launching ranged attacks from a distance of 15 blocks.

Various issues have been successfully addressed:

  • A bug concerning text editing on a sign has been rectified.
  • Items now correctly drop from frames.
  • Opening a profile will no longer cause the game to abruptly close.
  • The auditory range of the Goat horn’s sound has been extended to 256 blocks from its origin.

Enhancements to Camel Behavior:

Camels have undergone behavioral improvements:

  • They no longer skid when in motion.
  • Their leg movement ceases when they are stationary.
  • They are no longer capable of leaping into lava.

Technical Modifications:

These changes are specifically relevant to add-on developers.

This serves as a trial version. It is strongly advised to create backups of your in-game worlds to prevent the loss of progress.

Stay tuned for further updates, as the article will be continually refreshed!

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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