Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack 1.13

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Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack 1.13

Regrettably, within the realm of Minecraft PE, numerous bugs persist. Developers are diligently working to resolve these issues but are struggling to keep pace. This is precisely why dedicated fans have introduced the Fixed Vanilla textures.

Upon installing this add-on, a significant portion of texture-related glitches and errors will be eliminated. The developers behind this add-on have gone to great lengths, even addressing minor details, which they have subsequently improved and rectified. I assure you that the alterations are discernible, pleasing, and essential.

Here are a few examples of the improvements:

  • Enhanced textures for structural blocks.
  • Rectified the undersides of watermelons.
  • Adjusted the sounds of beehives.
  • Improved grass textures.
  • Corrected the heights of pillagers and zombie villagers.
  • Shulkers now possess the correct dimensions.
  • The model of tropical fish has been stabilized.
  • The flight of 2D projectiles has been enhanced.
  • Additionally, there are more than 190 other enhancements.
  • In the latest version, you can expect the following changes:

Inclusion of even more fixes and alterations.
Optimization of the add-on.
Resolution of add-on-related errors.

Fixed Vanilla Texture Pack 1.13

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