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Addon: Family Life

The Family Life Modification brings an array of fresh mobs to the Minecraft PE universe, naturally spawning across all biomes. These entities enable you to engage in conversations, initiate family dynamics, and even bring forth offspring. If you find yourself yearning for companionship and social engagement, this add-on is a worthwhile consideration.

Addon: Family Life

With the family mod, you gain the freedom to interact seamlessly with these newfound characters. To do so, simply press a designated key that materializes when you focus on an NPC. This action will unveil a specialized interface offering various interaction choices:

  • Share an intriguing story – This option prompts the mob to exhibit random reactions, ranging from romantic interest and friendship to happiness.
  • Tell a joke – Depending on their reception, your chosen character might express delight or discontent in response to your jest.
  • Flirt – A touch of luck enters the equation here, as flirting can lead to the initiation of a family or a less favorable reaction.
  • Use a random phrase – Employing this option elicits an unpredictable response from the character, corresponding to the phrase used.
  • Give a gift – Select an item to present, and if your choice aligns with the character’s preferences, they will display genuine interest, potentially igniting romantic connections.

Shake hands – This can lead to forming a reliable friendship.
Kiss – The first step towards romantic relationships, or the opposite.
To get to know all these new characters, befriend them, and possibly start a family, you need to download the Family Life mod. Additionally, don’t forget to check a special status book that contains useful information about the favorite items of each character and their preferences.

Adfedon: Family Li


  • Download the mod.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the sets in the settings.
  • Start your world.

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