Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE1.20.30.24 [Beta version]

The developers have unveiled a test version of Minecraft designed for Android platforms.

Noteworthy Revisions:

  • Introduced the capability to alter segments of the Death Screen using code.
  • It is now possible to affix a hot air balloon to either a Camel or a Sniffer.
  • Included three novel error messages intended for disconnection instances.

Bug Rectifications:

  • Corrected the functionality of the Minecraft update list button.
  • Modified the auditory aspects of entering and exiting bodies of water.
  • Resolved issues concerning the display of blocks.
  • Enhanced the responsiveness of tension sensors.
  • Fixed discrepancies in Cement colors within imported realms.
  • Rectified the proper operation of camera commands.
  • Rectified the issue of player names disappearing during crouching.
  • Altered behavior where Burning Drowned, Cadavers, Zombies, and Zombie Villagers now ignite entities upon attacking.
  • Addressed concerns related to Dolphins and Air Balloons.
  • Adjusted pixel scaling for interface elements.
  • Remedied functionality of buttons on the death screen.
    Furthermore, an additional set of 21 technical modifications has been implemented to facilitate the development and testing of addons.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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