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Creators of game decided activate Render-Dragon graphics rendering engine in Minecraft on Android.

This time everything work stable, you notice significant jump-quality, if you have a powerful PC. In addition, thirty fixes and improvements announced. Let’s look at interesting of them.

Modifications in version
Improved stability of application.

Bugs crashing associated with flying or normal movement through program world detected and solved.
Collapses occurred randomly during client, and eliminated.
Numerous corrections for blocks, including specific-blocks created with special-commands, as well as Netherworld plant-blocks.

Regarding items, developers have nice bug-fix:
Corrected trouble with armor that freeze
Edited problem of missing recipes in crafting window
Returned book and feather to creative
Debug an issue with locking things
Changes will be soon for addon-creators, as various useful-commands changed, and their complete changelog can be seen on site Mojang, or in app itself among list of innovations. Two dozen components and explanations, you see in new beta.

Minecraft PE for Android

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