Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

For those who love challenges, the app presents an exciting survival mode in which you have to create weapons, armor and buildings using the beta version of Minecraft for Android. To get fresh resources, you will participate in fierce battles with dangerous mobs. Whether you decide to go it alone or join forces with friends.

In a recent update, “Scan” has been eradicated by successfully removing ten bugs from settings. In addition, significant improvements have been made:

The scan switch in Minecraft has been completely removed. Now this function is activated automatically, which makes it easy to pass through openings in individual blocks.
The subscription settings button has been redesigned to improve accessibility and user experience.
In addition, several important fixes have been made:

Creatures and items no longer hover above the snow blocks, which makes the gameplay more exciting.
Modifying or removing a structural void now requires the use of the concrete block itself, adding an element of realism to the building mechanics.
Underwater breathing now works properly, replenishing breath when you raise your head above water, optimizing your ability to explore aquatic environments.
Recipe unlocks should now be triggered during world creation, adding a strategic dimension to gameplay.
The command line for unlocking recipes has been updated for smoother and more efficient use.
Fixed the text-to-speech function so that audio prompts work without problems.
Multiline text is no longer erased when using space on iOS, which solves a previously annoying issue.
Dark biomes no longer block the quickcast inventory, improving visibility and usability during gameplay.

Please be aware that every effort has been made to ensure professional remastering that preserves the original value of the content and maximizes its uniqueness. However, achieving absolute 100% uniqueness can be challenging due to the nature of the theme.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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