Sneak Magnet Addon 1.20+

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Sneak Magnet Addon 1.20+

When facing scenarios where you frequently encounter the task of amassing a diverse array of items from battlegrounds or while delving into caves, the recently unveiled Sneak Magnet addon has the potential to serve as a steadfast companion. This inventive inclusion facilitates the seamless accumulation of all coveted artifacts strewn across the terrain or positioned beyond immediate reach (within a maximum span of 30 blocks).

Incorporating these magnets introduces an aspect of thrill and uncomplicated efficiency into the act of collecting, thereby releasing you from superfluous challenges and affording you the capacity to be wholly engrossed in your exploits.

Additionally, it’s important to highlight that this modification is functional in multiplayer mode as well. When multiple players are using the magnet simultaneously, the item will be drawn towards the nearest player.

Sneak Magnet Addon 1.20+

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