Poggy’s Luminous Dreams Shader

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Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader

Certainly, Poggy’s Luminous Dreams Shader undoubtedly introduces a vibrant array of colors and emotions to the Minecraft sandbox. Designed to operate on the groundbreaking Render Dragon engine, this shader surpasses traditional visual effects.

Compatible with Android, Windows, and Xbox platforms, it necessitates Minecraft version or later.

Within this initial technical release, you will discover the following pivotal components:

  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials for both blocks and entities
  • Primary lighting
  • Shadows (sun and moon)
  • Blossoming
  • Tone mapping
  • Atmospheric scattering
  • Noteworthy features include Water Reflections:

Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader

Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader


With the ascending sun, light bathes your surroundings, casting captivating reflections on the ground. The light’s hue evolves throughout the day, and shadows gracefully shift.

Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader


Upon nightfall, genuine darkness becomes apparent. Specific sections of mobs emit a radiant glow, resembling the eyes of Endermen. The luminous squid emits light authentically, and the Soul Lantern and Redstone Torches are adorned with colored lights. Ores also emit a radiant glow.

Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader

Blocks Reflecting Light and Blocks with a Three-Dimensional Appearance:

While somewhat limited in this beta version, we anticipate more enhancements in subsequent updates.


Dynamic lighting stands out as a prominent feature in this graphical package. We eagerly await future updates from Mojang to broaden the spectrum of luminous lights.

Poggy's Luminous Dreams Shader

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