Detection Map

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Detection MapThe captivating Detection Map in Minecraft PE presents players with the challenge of uncovering the mysteries of eerie anomalies by observing everything through surveillance cameras.

The most demanding aspect for players is that errors and the oversight of critical details are not viable options, as they pose the risk of losing lives.

Detection Map

Key Features:

Each game starts randomly (every time the player presses “Start,” they are given six random rooms).
Custom user interface, textures, and models.


  • Manipulated object: Provides reports on objects that have been moved, altered, activated, modified, and taken over.
  • Extra object: Offers reports on any object that does not belong to its designated room.Intruder: Provides reports on intruders and traces.
  • Camera malfunction: Offers reports on camera malfunctions.
  • Spiritual anomaly: Provides reports on any spiritual anomalies.

Detection Map

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