“OnlyUp In Minecraft” map

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"OnlyUp In Minecraft" map

The game “Only Up!” has caused quite a sensation. Every avid user attempted to reach the hardcore summit, leading to the emergence of numerous replicas. We now introduce the “OnlyUp In Minecraftmap.

On this map, we have faithfully recreated the challenges from the original game. Users will have to navigate through various trials to reach the summit, all presented with aesthetic finesse.

Key Features:

  • No checkpoint system.
  • Blocks with special effects.
  • Elaborate decorations.
  • Various parkour-style trial options.

"OnlyUp In Minecraft" map

"OnlyUp In Minecraft" map

Changes in the new version:

  • Simplified certain aspects and platforms.
  • Enhanced the world’s visual aesthetics.
  • Corrected errors.

"OnlyUp In Minecraft" map

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