Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

We have released a preliminary edition of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android devices. The development team has meticulously addressed aspects like Camels and Carved Bookshelves, introducing 10 noteworthy modifications.

Experimental Mode:

Enhancements have been applied to both the Camel and the Carved Bookshelf. These innovations can only be observed when the “Experimental Features” slider is activated:

  • Camel Update
  • The length of the Dash can now be extended through the use of Speed or Jump Potions
  • The dash action occurs prior to landing
  • A substantial rest period follows a dash
  • Alterations to the color of spawn eggs within the Minecraft universe
  • Enhanced walking animations
  • Inclusion of specialized buttons for interacting with Books on the Carved Shelf
  • Carved bookshelves can be crafted using any type of wood

Minecraft PE [Beta version]Modifications:
The primary highlights encompass:

  • Seamless integration of new characters
  • A player is correctly expelled if trapped
  • Improved visibility of status icons during gameplay
  • Skalker screamers no longer respond to Spectators

    Version Parity:
    Four key adjustments to synchronize Bedrock with Java.

In brief:

  • Enhanced sound effects for Water Lilies colliding with Boats
  • Enhanced audio for breaking lower blocks with falling elements
  • Inability to affix fan coral to the sides of slabs


  • Notable rectifications involve:
  • Inability to see through blocks while trapped
  • Faster game resumption after pauses
  • Accurate rendering of mob shadows
  • Rectified item renaming on the Anvil
  • Even items held in the left hand are now correctly retained on Armor Stands
  • Ender Dragon remains unaffected during world saving and loading
  • Marketplace worlds load seamlessly, even on memory-constrained devices
  • Ranged weapons no longer discharge randomly during swimming
  • Responsive behavior of the joystick when transitioning to the shortcut bar
  • Flawless operation of the Quick Access Toolbar, even when textures are employed
  • Elegant display of the Sprint and Release buttons while aiming
  • Simultaneous activation of Takeoff and Descent no longer interrupts flight
  • The Smooth and Carved Red Sandstone blocks exhibit more intricate foundations
  • Acoustic Sensors and Pressure Plates no longer respond to spectators
  • Spectators are unable to impede players from utilizing Buttons and related blocks

    Furthermore, there have been six technical inclusions. Each of these points pertains to different components of the game.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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