Minecraft 1.20.31 [Release]

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Minecraft 1.20.31 [Release]

Hello! Today, a minor update, Minecraft version 1.20.31, has been released specifically for Android smartphones. This update has a primary focus on resolving various issues and crashes that were prevalent in the previous version, all while delivering substantial enhancements to the game’s overall performance. Below, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of the changes.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.20.31?

The dedicated Mojang team has diligently addressed six distinct errors and made significant optimizations to enhance the client’s performance:

  • Fixed crashes that occurred when accessing Realms Plus, ensuring a smoother experience for users.
  • Resolved crashes experienced on PlayStation consoles, eliminating disruptions during gameplay.
  • Achieved significant improvements in server performance, ensuring seamless operation even when accommodating a substantial number of players.
  • Players will no longer encounter morning glitches after extended gameplay sessions, contributing to a more stable and enjoyable experience.

Split-screen mode no longer leads to crashes.
Dependencies for @minecraft/server-ui are now loaded correctly.
Although it might be challenging to categorize this list of improvements as substantial, the developers have invested commendable effort in boosting the client’s performance and stability. Consequently, we highly recommend that you promptly download Minecraft 1.20.31 on your Android device and update it.

Minecraft 1.20.31 [Release]

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