Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE

Mojang has released a new beta version of Minecraft PE for Android phones. In this update, developers have addressed numerous bugs and errors present in previous versions, along with optimizing the overall gaming experience. Feel free to update if you are using the game’s test versions.

Key points:

This is a test version of Minecraft PE, so there may be occasional bugs and errors. Before installing this version, it is recommended to create backups of your worlds. Additionally, enable experimental gameplay processes before creating a world to incorporate all the new features from version 1.21.

Several bugs and errors in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) have been fixed.

List of improvements:

Optimization efforts have been made.
Network gameplay issues have been resolved.
Commands have been enhanced, with character limits reduced to 512 for /me, /say, /title, /tell, and /kill.

It is strongly advised to make copies of your game worlds to prevent any loss of progress.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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