Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

If you’re utilizing the beta releases of Minecraft PE (Bedrock), I highly recommend updating to Beta version on your Android device. The developers have rectified numerous bugs, implemented adjustments, and introduced new features to enhance the gaming experience.

Key features of Beta
Given that this is a testing version, it might still have some bugs and errors. Therefore, it’s crucial to create backups of your worlds to prevent any potential data loss. Before creating a world, ensure that you activate all experimental gameplay processes to thoroughly test the functionalities added by the developers.

  • Bug Fixes:
    The developers have diligently addressed various bugs and errors that were present in previous versions of MCPE.

Here’s a comprehensive list of fixes:

  • Blizz will now attack iron golems.
  • He will not attack skeletons, zombies, and strays.
  • Small mobs will now emit sounds and particles.
  • Storage Block:
  • This is a new block that works in conjunction with a key. Click on it with the key, and you’ll receive items. However, this block can only be used once. If you’re playing with a friend, they can also use this block.

More details:

The block is located in a new dungeon – the trial rooms.
It provides random items each time it is used.

Minecraft PE


Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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