Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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The most recent beta release of Minecraft PE for Android devices introduces bug fixes and improvements identified in previous game versions.

Key Features:

If you wish to try out the new Minecraft PE (Bedrock) update on your Android phone, you can download this beta/preview version of the game. To ensure the functionality of all features, activate all experimental gameplay processes before creating a world.

  • Changes:

Numerous bugs and errors in MCPE have been rectified.

  • Shulkers:
    Significant modifications have been implemented for Shulkers.

Texture updates.
Ability to repel spiders.
Enhanced swimming capabilities.
Baby Shulkers exhibit faster movement than adults.
Shulkers are now protected when folded.

  • Graphics:
    Specific graphic elements have undergone modifications.

Correct display of some items.
Improvements in shadows, lighting, and overall brightness.
Several alterations in graphic previews.

  • Mobs:
    Certain mobs have also undergone changes.

Improved texture and animation for the Blaze and its projectiles.
Enlarged collars for tamed wolves.

  • Fixes:

The new beta version addresses various errors.

  • Blocks:

You can now place items while in motion, such as boats and fireworks.
Players can traverse blocks above water.
Berry bushes will slow you down.
Many blocks now produce their own sounds.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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