Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE

The developers have launched the trial edition of Minecraft PE for Android, addressing the Trial Spawner spawn issue, introducing the ability for the Breeze to deflect projectiles, and resolving 15 other identified issues. The developers continue to focus on optimizing gameplay and testing new features that will soon be introduced in the full version.

Highlighted Feature:

This version of Minecraft Bedrock is a beta specifically crafted for Android phones. Due to its experimental nature, users may encounter various bugs and errors. It is strongly advised to create backups of your worlds before installing this beta/preview version. Moreover, to ensure optimal performance, all experimental game processes should be activated.

Updated Features:

  • The Breeze can now deflect all varieties of projectiles.
  • The pixels of the Breeze will align with the surrounding colors, creating a more seamless appearance.
  • The withering rose now inflicts damage on mobs every 0.7 seconds, a notable reduction from the previous 3 seconds.
  • The achievement “You Need a Mint” can only be earned by collecting dragon breaths.
  • Players can now consume suspicious stew even when their hunger bar is full.
  • Sweet berry bushes no longer pose a threat to bees.
  • Wolves now have the ability to spawn on snow-covered terrain.

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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