Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Meet weekly beta of Minecraft PE – download it from our website to test improvements in action!

Developers, did not append anything different in beta-version. Upgraded already existing content in block-world. Game-world has undergone solved by Mojang, as you find out in article. In meantime, load update!

Now textures of decorated shields are consistent with Java edition of game. Made interesting changes:

There are achieves.
Added a background
Modified display reading
You can put a sniffer egg in lava or water
Enhanced growth of torchbearer with bone meal
Made a save for rocky blocks after reloading map
New resound to gauges
You may set duration of screen for chat

Creators have touched on twenty bugs. Basic:

Vibration from Acoustic-Sensors is being transmitted to Amethyst unit
Brush application noises
Acoustic Sensor whiskers glow same
Meal does not copy plants
Sniffer-Egg sounds and block breakage by water or magma
Calibrated-sensor filters vibrations better
Experience balls connect when spawned by command
Relic music record appears in Trail-Ruins
Crashes from split screen mode
Corrected graphics


In addition, stabilized in Bedrock-Edition:

Egg Sniffer-Mob
Third person camera position
Broken broom – fixed
Extraction of plate from ruins
Load-up MCPE on Android to get access to improved documentation that mod-creators use!

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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