Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

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Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

The most recent update, Minecraft PE 1.20.50, has been released for Android phones by the developers. This version is deemed comprehensive, having undergone extensive testing and improvements before its official release. The update introduces a host of innovations and addresses various issues in the game.

Release Minecraft PE 1.20.50 Features:

If you wish to experience the full version of Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.20.50 on your Android phone, you can access and download this release. This version allows players to join servers and engage in multiplayer gameplay with friends. It is recommended that everyone updates to the latest full version of the game.

Functionality of Flower Pots:

Flower pots in MCPE (Bedrock) now serve a practical purpose. Users can place items in them, and upon breaking the pot, the items will be released.

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

Bug Fixes:

This update addresses several errors identified in earlier versions of Minecraft PE.

List of Fixes:

  • Raid mobs can now join raids.
  • Pots can be broken by projectiles.
  • Evoker no longer spawns in peaceful mode.

Features from 1.21:

Enabling experimental gameplay processes during world creation will incorporate features from MCPE (Bedrock) 1.21 into the game.


A novel mechanism from Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.21, the auto-crafter acts as an automatic crafting table. Users need only insert the crafting ingredients, activate it with redstone, and the corresponding crafted item will be produced.

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

New Blocks:

The update introduces copper and andesite blocks that can be utilized to create new doors, hatches, and grates.

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]


Upon receiving a single Redstone signal, the lamp will illuminate. Using a comparator, the signal can be transmitted further. Applying another signal will cease the lamp from glowing. This setup can function as a lever activated by a Redstone signal.

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

New Texture for Bats:

In this version, bats have been enhanced with a more three-dimensional appearance.

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 [Release]

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