Aero Wings add-on

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Aero Wings add-on

Embark on a skyward journey like never before with an extensive selection of mystical and fantastical wings found in the Aero Wings add-on for Minecraft PE. Each wing comes with unique features, providing a variety of abilities. Acquiring these items is straightforward, either through crafting, completing tasks, or accessing the creative items menu.

Highlighted features of the Aero Wings add-on:

Enable the mod to reveal new horizons in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Enjoy the freedom of flight, explore the world, gracefully glide through the skies, and personalize distinctive wings for your character. Moreover, enhance your mischievous exploits by skillfully utilizing these wings.

Regarding the wings:
They not only vary in functionality but also in appearance.

Aero Wings add-on

Updates in the latest version:

Introduced new wing options.

Aero Wings add-on

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