Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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Minecraft PE [Beta version]

Ongoing development of Minecraft has concluded. Game developers launched a fresh trial version of MCPE, includes new feature of crawling, as well as various enhancements and bug fixes.

Sneaking and slink.
You can clamber
Activate via Quick-Sneak option
Turns on when player passes through an obstacle one block high
Animation for creeping
Crawling-speed is identical to

Person no longer tiptoe while driving

Improved audio system. Surrounding resound depend on camera-rotation
Decorated pot with 1-shard now displays a hint
Resident farmers know how to plant Torchflower seeds and Lily Pods
Music-Block sound on Soil of Souls updated
Smooth deep shale replaced by a Rocker during generation
Show of snow and rain hinge on locations of camera, not position of you
Actions give off vibrations:
Changing charge of Revival Anchor and Daylight Sensor
Connecting or disconnecting wax on Copper-Blocks
Food to Bonfire
Picking Sweet Berries
Gathering Glowing-Berries
Interacting with Composter

Transforming Mud into Clay
Placing an Ender’s Eye on a Portal
Including or Excluding Plates to gamer
Getting Bees in and out of Hive
Using Creature-Egg on spawner of Mobs and Hoe on a Root Earth
Infesting blocks with Scales
Building Door
Creating paths with Spade
Killing a sheep

Boat no requires a Shovel when crafting
Barrel lack planks when producing
Removed recipe for Thread from Web
Equines follow character with a Golden Apple/Carrot or Enchanted-Apple
Llamas go after hero with a Sen in his hand

Dozens of advancement made, useful for add-on and map creators. Recommend study list of renovates on official website of authors at link.

Solved problems
Upgrade virtual keyboard on Xbox consoles
Centering of dropped things from vaults
Smooth-Basalt and Sharp Deep-Shale are not exchanged by Skulk during creation
Black pixels
Shields no flicker on RTX
Worlds now swap last game date to import
Zombie inhabitant drops items after healing
People without right to open and close containers not collaborate with Carved Bookshelves
Liquid textures in the Cauldron
Screen darkening during sleep
Speed of Compacted-Mud mining with scoop
Super-jump applied to Lava-Cubes
Camel jerk noises is no duplicated
Shadows of creatures and cubes on Nintendo Switch

Minecraft PE [Beta version]

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